There is a big misconception that a Virtual Assistant is an employee. However, Virtual Assitants are actually self-employed contractors. You can read more about what a Virtual Assistant is here. Here are just 6 reasons a Virtual Assistant is better than an Employee:

1. Only Pay For What You Need

When working with a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. This makes hiring a VA much more affordable than paying a salary or hourly wage.

2. No Overheads

As Virtual Assistants work remotely, there are no overhead costs as these are absorbed by the VA. There is no need to provide office space or equipment

notebook belonging to a virtual assistant on a desk with a keyboard and mouse

3. No Entitlements

Employees, whether paid hourly or have a salary, have a lot of additional fees that you, as a business owner, are responsible for. Outsourcing to a VA means you do not have to pay the costs associated with an employee. These include holiday pay, sick leave, training and insurances.

4. Specialisation

As a business owner, you can choose a VA based on their experience and skillset. They will already know how to do the tasks you need done (often better than you!). This greatly reduces training time and cost.

a computer screen on a desk with a lamp for a virtual assistant

5. Flexibility

When you hire an employee, they tend to work set hours and there is little leeway for more or less hours depending on your volume of work. A Virtual Assistant can work flexible hours, often based on deadlines rather than set hours. It is easy to add or take away hours as needed with a VA.

6. Virtual Assistants Save You Money

Woerking with a Virtual Assistant is a money saver! We provide our talents to maximise your business without the overhead and entitlement costs.

A pink phone with a lightbox showing the word Hello? on a pink background

If you feel that it’s time to outsource tasks to a Virtual Assistant, I would love to have a chat with you about it. Send me a message HERE and let’s get started!

Paula Ann VA is a fully insured Virtual Assistant based in Fareham, Hampshire. Paula Ann VA offers a range of professional services, including administration, social media management and website design.