Dubsado for Wedding Photographers, Creatives and Professionals


Helping wedding professionals take back their time through systems
and automation

A fully customised system that supports you and your clients by optimising the efficiency of your business.

You signed up to Dubsado…but now what? Instead of it working for you, it’s creating more work for you!?

As a Dubsasdo Certified Specialist, let me take over and set everything up for you. Canned emails, workflows, schedulers, proposals, forms, questionnaires and everything else in between,  freeing up your time and headspace so  you can sign more clients and do more of what you love!

Hey there, I’m Paula

I’m Paula, Certified Dubsado Specialist,and I’m here to help you maximise your client experience without sacrificing your time.

If you are a stressed, time-poor wedding photographer or professional who wishes they had more hours in their day, Dubsado is for you.

Be the boss you started your business to be, grow your business through raving reviews and referrals and free up your time with automation.

I can help you to reduce your workload and gain back your time and energy, allowing you to focus on smashing your goals! 

Let me automate your processes so that you have more time and flexibility

Dubsado Services

Done-For-You Dubsado

Streamline your processes, automate your client experience and free up your time!

• Process Mapping Call
• Workflow setup (includes canned emails, forms, contracts, project statuses, packages, payment plans, etc.)
• Branded designs (Forms, email signatures, client portal banner, etc.)
• Client Portal where contracts, forms, tasks & project boards, appointments, and invoices are stored.
• Offboarding Call for Dubsado walk-through (you will have access to the recording too!)
• Your build will be complete within 6 weeks after your Process Mapping Call.
• 30-day support period after handover

Investment from £1900

A personalised quote will be provided taking into account the quantity of forms and the intricacy of the design required for your Dubsado forms.

Form Design

Wow your clients with your on brand Dubsado forms!

If your Dubsado is already set up but you want to upgrade your forms to reflect the experience you provide your clients, then let me upgrade your Dubsado with fully branded coded forms.

Form templates designed:

    • Lead Capture Forms

    • Proposals

    • Questionnaires

    • Contracts (Not Coded)

Investment from £550

A personalised quote will be provided taking into account the quantity of forms and the intricacy of the design required for your Dubsado forms.

Mini Sessions Setup


Mini sessions without the headache! I’ll get you all set up with a fully automated mini session booking system.

What you get:

  • A complete workflow, from booking through gallery delivery
  • Lead Capture Form
  • Mini Session Scheduler
  • Canned emails written for you
  • Handover Call
  • 14-Day Support Period

Investment from £297


Dubsado Audit

If you’ve been using  Dubsado for some time, but not sure if you’re using all of the features correctly, or even at all?

During an audit, I will evaluate your current set up and offer guidelines and advice for improvements and features you are missing out on.  You will leave with the exact steps on how to improve your system and processes.

Audit Investment: £397

Dubsado Strategy Session

During a Strategy Session, we will go over the steps of your processes and map them into a process that can then be built in Dubsado.  We will discuss Dubsado’s functionality, workarounds and pros and cons of each. At the end of a Strategy Session, you will leave with everything that needs to be done in your setup. 

Strategy Session Investment: £397

Elevate your client experience