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When I first started my business, all of my processes were a bit scrambled. I had different apps and website for sending contracts, appointment schedulers etc. but Dubsado changed that all for me!

First things first, what is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software, such as Dubsado, is used to manage your relationship with your clients and customers. A CRM helps to streamline your processes from the second a client enters it through your Lead Capture form.

You might need a CRM if:

  • You are spending way too much time on business admin
  • You are typing up and sending the same emails over and over again to every new client
  • You create a new proposal for every new lead
  • You use multiple platforms to send your contracts, invoices and questionnaires
  • You can’t keep track of all your enquiries
  • You can’t keep track of where your leads are in the onboarding process
  • You are having to manually chase for payments
  • You don’t have a system in place to book appointments and your diary is all over the place

A CRM can do all of this for you! Imagine having everything in one place, and best of all, it can all be automated!

So tell me more about Dubsado!

If you have been looking to introduce a CRM to your business, then Dubsado is a great choice! Dubsado is pretty inexpensive, but when you first sign up you get a 3-client free trial which has no time limit, but once you hit 3 clients, you will need to upgrade to their paid version.

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Dubado Dashboard

The Dubsado dashboard is easy to navigate and you can change the colours to your preference.

A picture of the Dubsado Dashboard

Dubsado Features

Dubsado has a lot of great features which can make your business processes so much more streamlined and efficient!


You can ditch those 3rd party booking systems such as Calendly and Acuity. Dubsado has its own scheduling tool! You can link your external calendar to Dubsado, so no more double bookings!

You can create public schedulers which you can embed on your website, or you can create private schedulers for certain leads and clients.

You can also attach an invoice to public schedulers so that you can take payment when a consultation is booked!

A picture of the Dubsado Scheduler


In Dubsado you can create lead capture forms, questionnaires, proposals, contracts and sub-agreements. The form builder is an easy to use drag-and-drop builder with blocks for text boxes, images, questions, file uploaders, HTML blocks and more!

Dubsado doesn’t add their branding to any of your forms so you can completely make them your own. You can customise your forms with elements made in Canva or you can go all out and create beautiful forms that look like an extension of your website with some CSS coding.

Click Here for an example of a form built with Canva elements

Click Here for an example of a form built with CSS coding

You can connect your web domain to your Dubsado and change the favicon so it all looks like it comes directly from your website.

A picture of the Dubsado form builder


Once you know your processes and have them mapped out, you can automate them in Dubsado bu building workflows. Workflows can automate your emails, send forms, change project statuses, send proposals, invoices and contracts and so much more.

A pciture of the Dubsado workflow builder

The Client Portal

The Client Portal is a central hub that only your client has access to. They get their own login and they can view all of their documents, forms, appointments, contracts, invoices and emails between you.

The portal can be customised with your branding too! This is what the Portal for my clients looks like:

A picture of the Client Portal

Ready to get stuck in?

Now that you know a bit more about Dubsado, are you ready to sign up for your free account? Click HERE to sign up, and because I’m a Certified Dubsado Specialist, you can get an extra 30% off your first month or first year using my link!

If you want to start using Dubsado, but have no idea how to get everything set up, I can do it for you! Click here to find out more!

Paula Ann VA is a Certified Dubsado Specialist

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