Having a professional website is so important for your business. It is your shop window!

If you rely solely on social media to attract your ideal client and keep them updated with your services and products, have you thought about how you will reach your potential clients if your social media platforms were to crash or…dare I say it….disappear (Looking at you MySpace). This is why it is so important to have your own space on web.

Here are the reasons why, even if you have social media accounts, you still need a website:

A Website Makes You Look Professional

Did you know that 84% of consumers think that a website makes your business look more credible (source). A website give you an edge over those competitors who only use social media.

Having a website helps you stand out as an authentic business and is a great way to build consumer trust. A website is a great way to be seen as legitimate and professional.

A laptop and a pair of glasses belonging to a web designer virtual assistant

Attract New Clients & Customers via Google

By creating a presence on Google, your website can help your business rank on a variety of search terms which will encourage a stream of new customers. A website helps you get found…Hello SEO! People will look for your business through Google. Your Instagram posts won’t show up on Google when your ideal client is searching for your business, so make sure that your website is SEO Optimised so that they can find you!

Showcase Your Services and Products

A website can be used to attract the right clients and customers to your business. You can show potential clients what you have to offer and how your business can help them. Social Media can work amazingly for brand awareness, but your website is always working to sell your services and products and can answer any questions your potential clients might have.

A virtual assistant's laptop for creating websites

It’s Yours

Social Media doesn’t belong to us. We are borrowing someone else’s land. Having your own website, your own brand, your own mailing list, you are able to exist and thrive beyond the boundaries of social media. When Social Media goes down, you still have a website that is working and attracting clients and customers.

Detailed Analytics

A website can show you exactly what is converting, who you are attracting, where they are coming from and how long they are staying. Analytics can show if you are reaching your target audience and how they engage with your website.

In 2020, almost 60% of the global population uses the internet (source). A website ensures that you aren’t invisible. To stay competitive in a digital world, it is increasingly important to get your business online.

notebooks and a keyboard belonging to a virtual assistant that creates websites

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