We are in strange times. A lot of us are juggling running a business, working from home and home schooling. You are probably focused on ways to earn more money and the thought of spending money on outsourcing is probably the last thing you want to be doing. But…hear me out. Let me tell you why now is the best time to hire a Virtual Assistant. 

Focus On The Core of Your Business

Right now, as a business owner and entrepreneur, it is so important to be focusing on the core of your business i.e THE MONEY MAKER. Juggling home life and work means that your time is spread even more thinly. And now, more than ever, your time is money. Can you afford to spend time doing work that doesn’t give you a return on investment?  A Virtual Assistant can take care of all the back end tasks required to keep your business running, giving you the time back to focus on your business. 

The list of what you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant is endless. To find out more about what I can offer and help you with CLICK HERE.

A virtual assistant's desk offering admin support

You are Stressed and Overworked

Are you having sleepless nights thinking about all of the work you need to do? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Feeling the guilt of not spending enough time with your children or your partner? If you are reading this, then I would say that there is a very high chance that you are. It is so easy to fall in to the trap of working ALL THE HOURS to keep your business running. I’m sure that when you started your business, this was not the dream. You cannot pour from an empty cup, rest and self-care are so important.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you that break and allow you some breathing space. You can rest easy knowing that the tasks that were keeping you up at night or taking you away from your loved ones are being taken care of by a professional.

Support and Accountability

As well as completing all the tasks that you don’t have time to do, a Virtual Assistant can also hold you accountable for tasks that you need to do. Juggling work, home schooling and house work can leave us feeling drained. It is so easy to put things off until tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes….you know how it is.

A Virtual Assistant will be in your to do list, getting it all done and motivating you to complete yours. Having someone there to support you and your business is so valuable. When you are struggling with lack of ideas, or hit a wall, a Virtual Assistant can be very helpful to talk to, bounce ideas off of and cheer you on.

Paula Ann VA is a fully insured Virtual Assistant based in Fareham, Hampshire. Paula Ann VA offers a range of professional services, including administration, social media management and website design.